sienastudio 2010 preliminary schedule announced revised

4 05 2010

the following preliminary schedule has been set for the sienastudio 2010. please watch for the full schedule to be published soon:

  • 25 may 10 newark session begins
  • 30 june 10 newark session ends
  • 08 july 10 DEPART new york/JFK
  • 09 july 10 ARRIVE roma/FCO via paris/CDG
  • 25 july 10 ARRIVE siena
  • 23 aug 10 DEPART roma/FCO arrive new york/JFK via paris 23 aug 10

if you have questions, PLEASE post a comment here!

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18 05 2010
Adam Lasota

Thank you for the information. Is there anyway that you can email out, or better yet post up on the website :-), the syllabus and detailed schedule for the summer semester. I would like to know to also be able to schedule my work into my school work. Gotta make some extra bucks before I spend it all in Italy.

Thank you,

18 05 2010

as we have repeatedly advised, please visit the siena2009 website for a sense of the schedule + assignments for the sienastudio; this summer’s program will closely track siena2009. for sienastudio NEWARK please see

by now, you all should familiar with the full content of the sienastudio2009.

assignments + a detailed schedule for sienastudio 2010 will be issued on tues 25 may at our first meeting.

17 05 2010

the sienastudio meets all day 9a to 5.30p TUESDAYS and THURSDAYS from 25 MAY through 29 JUNE, with breaks for lunch, seminars, etc. in addition, you will be assigned self-guided field trips which you may complete on any day the sienastudio does not meet.

meeting times do not change based of the classes for which you are registered: all sienastudio students participate in all aspects of the sienastudio – studio + history + graphics – regardless of academic status or registration. they are one + we are all one studio.

a detailed schedule will be issued to you at the first meeting, TUESDAY 25 MAY in Weston 2.

[ and thanks for asking the question HERE. bravo. ]

17 05 2010
Adam Lasota

What is the schedule for classes, days of the week and times, during the Newark Session? Does it change based on the number of classes being taken for the Siena Program?

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