sienastudio 2010 begins 25 MAY 10!

18 05 2010

we look forward to seeing you at 9a TUESDAY 25 MAY in weston 2 for the first meeting of the sienastudio 2010!

a reminder: the sienastudio meets all day 9a to 5.30p TUESDAYS and THURSDAYS from 25 MAY through 29 JUNE, with breaks for lunch, seminars, etc. in addition, you will be assigned self-guided field trips, which you may complete on any day the sienastudio does not meet.

meeting times do not change based of the classes for which you are registered: all sienastudio students participate in all aspects of the sienastudio – studio + history + graphics – regardless of academic status or registration. they are one + we are all one studio.

a detailed schedule will be issued to you at the first meeting 9a TUESDAY 25 MAY in Weston 2.




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18 05 2010

a reminder: please visit the siena2009 website for a sense of the schedule + assignments for the sienastudio; this summer’s program will closely track siena2009. for sienastudio NEWARK please see

by now, you all should be familiar with the full content of the sienastudio2009 site.

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