5 07 2010

città trionfale is from primavera romana 2010 | oltrecittà (see the first critical link on this blog). the organizers of primavera romana, in particular stalker + osservatorio nomade founding member lorenzo romito, are also the organizers of our workshop in rome at santa maria della pietà, the sprawling former psychiatric hospital located in trionfale quarter of rome. peter lang, who you met in newark + who will be with us in rome, is also a longstanding member of stalker.

a major part of the workshop program involves the kind of walks depicted in the clip.  we suggest that in addition to prada + juicy, you should have the following…

  • backpack suitable for hiking/overnight use (make this your second piece of allowed airline baggage)
  • walking shoes very sturdy + very comfortable (sandals/flip-flops not recommended)
  • top sheet + bath/beach towel (these may be easily purchased in rome)
  • insect repellent + sun block (also available in rome)
  • hat + shades
  • swimwear (optional depending on the venue)
  • parasol + handkerchief  (optional but necessary for a proper ‘second line’ to any parade … available in rome)

and to repeat our recommendations for church visits (remember that many places do not allow shorts above the knee or tank tops for men or women)…

  • a scarf or sari light + large enough to wrap around your waist +/or shoulders
  • light-weight shirt for same

for guide books, we recommend…

  • blue guides (for detailed info about history, sites, art + culture; very british but very thorough)
  • romewalks, florencewalks, etc (audio guides of various itineraries for those who like to be led)
  • moon italy by alexei cohen (unknown to me, but recommended by many)
  • michelin green guides or access guides (very good + portable general guides with maps, etc)
  • rough guides + lonely planet (good general guides for the under 25 set)
  • any guide with a man’s name in it (pretty much tourist trash)



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6 07 2010

see the post S10 ART SUPPLIES.

6 07 2010
Raptor Adam

For school, what supplies would be necessary to bring along, besides pen, pencils, and sketchbooks. Several painting supplies have been mentioned (which are the best?), along with what additional products that would be highly recommended to bring along.

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