14 07 2010

itinerario 5 focuses on the terme di caracalla, but includes passing by circo massimo + palatino, FAO (world food organization, formerly ministero per l’Africa-Italiana) by ridolfi + cafiero, 1938.

at terme di caracalla (baths of caracalla)

  • document: the arch + the order of construction
  • water color: lessons in transparency + transcendence with peter lang

we will then take a walk  through san saba, another garden city example from the early 20th c, past streets named for artists + architects. (can you believe it?)

as always in rome, earlier layers appear. in a memorable example, we will pass a section of the servian wall.

we will pause at the piazza dei cavalieri di malta, santa maria del priorato, one of GB Piranesi’s few built works, c1760, for a few words about the graphical in architecture + games of composition + appropriation, before concluding the morning’s itinerario at Santa Sabina.  note that park just beyond santa sabina offers a spectacular panorama of rome.

on the way back to garbatella, be sure to visit the palazzo delle poste, Piazza Piramide, Av Avellino, A Libera, 1933. for more information + details, ask ian.

we will reconvene at 21,00h at via Valeriano 3F (Metro B San Paolo-Garbatella) for  Città dell’Utopia for dinner + a movie.  please check SMdP workshop appointments for details!




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