ROMA10 | Santa Maria della Pietà 16-18 JUL 10

18 07 2010

Common Design of a psychogeographic map at the ex Psychiatric Hospital of S. Maria della Pietà Schedule First week

Three exit strategies through times and spaces of Rome (N, S, W)  Crossing and Mapping the Roman Beyondcity

Tuesday 13th Intro

lecture by Prof. Giovanni Azzena, archaeologist “Mundus, Asylum, and Lustratio: Practices of foundation in the world and in Rome”

PrimaveraRomana and the Beyond City. Workshop introduction presentation Raumlabor project ‘Libertà vigilata’ in collaboration with Stalker/PrimaveraRomana about the new neighbourhoods under construction around Rome

barbeque dinner

7.00 p.m/Villa Massimo German Academy/via di Villa Massimo 1-2 (Metro B Piazza Bologna)

Wednesday 14th East exit

Global and local Rome. A linear walk along boundaries from Termini Station walking in between the antic Felice aqueduct and the modern railway through Esquilino, Pigneto, Mandrione, Tor Pignattara walking lecture by Pietro Vereni, anthropologist with dinner at Banglatown.

5.30 pm/Termini Station appointment at Laziali tramway (to come back bus 105 to Termini Station at any time)

Thursday 15th South exit

walk along the Tiber with Lorenzo Romito with cinema Vogliamo i colonnelli by Mario Monicelli (O.V. with subtitles) 1973.

5.30 pm/Isola Tiberina/dinner and cinema at the Città dell’Utopia via Valeriano 3F/Metro B San Paolo

Friday 16th Santa Maria della Pietà

10.00 am at Derby Hotel to Monte Mario Station: living space set up at Santa Maria della Pietà with dinner at SMdP

Saturday 17th free

Set up the Theatrehome living space at SMDP in the top room where the hostel of the ex lavanderia padiglione n.31 is located is also the theatre, the goal is designing removable structures that could allow to switch the use of the space.

Sunday 18th free




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