27 07 2010


Control & Freedom:  From a View

The environment in which one inhabits plays a role in the manipulation and transformation of the mind.  society as a whole & general, dictates rights and wrongs, blacks and whites, & placement.  Those external forces drive labels on individuals, not ‘meant’ for ‘society’.  In our journey to create the emotion and context of these two forces, the city & former asylum, we have relied on past experiences of peoples images and words at the duration of the functioning asylum as well as the city, outside the gates & fused them with our own experiences in our duration.  Essential and outlined for ones life is the tools given, symbolic as spoon, fork and knife, as in some societies such as the asylum, not all the tools as handed out. We have come to discover and provoke a continuing question[s] of “What is a ‘society’?”.  Who makes these regulations, holds the keys, and determines acceptance and/or barriers.

1: Two forces [analysis]

2: Two Forces: Two Spaces [Relationship]

3: Two Conditions: Two Experiences: [Understanding]

4: Searching for an Autonomous Transitional Space

[A yin yang or forces, looking out, looking in, but from what perspective is one looking from]

Physical projects:


Materials used from the site, referencing two forces.  One describing a more chaos and free form of society or living while the other more stern and rigid.  Both ‘societies’ describe the city and asylum, either can be used as attributes.  We designed this model in a way to show the confusion of ‘labeling’ or choosing a specific representative part of the model pertaining to either the city or asylum.  Either show rules and thoughts in each society.  As a whole, the model physically delivers a symbolic keyhole.  This  ties to representation of the brass ring the nurses threw away as an empowerment over the asylum and it’s procedures and thought process of treating individuals.  An important history fact of the asylum and lesson for any society when change is needed.

Monumental Spoon:

The newspaper of the city represents the society from words to graphics to layout.  The unsuspecting tool, the spoon, painted with sambuko juice [a berry found on the asylum grounds] shows the push away and extrusion a majority group passing judgment on a minority group. The scale & placement of the spoon is as focal as the human scale of the model.  One can ‘carry’ society around on ones back, constantly judged & noted.

View Port

Challenging the perspective of ones mind is the intent.  Shaping a new form of viewing and understanding as related to the two societies and there generalizations, right or wrong.  Approaching the view port one can see an over saturated image filled with may physical attributes linear with emotion.  Stepping beyond the blind fold, into the physical view port, one has a more focused sight and emotion, taking time to realize things for what they are individually and in it’s truest form without distraction.


[Mappa] Mondi




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7 09 2010
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2 08 2010
Philip Speranza

We still need your simple line drawing plan and section. Please.

2 08 2010

I have just discovered this part of the blog. Sorry for the delayed answer.

29 07 2010

Very clear understanding of the individual and society, and the construct’s intent to make one consider this. The consciousness of the mind becomes a place where the view of the environment is unique in each person’s mind.

Consider working together to edit and refine the movie to help it best reflect the values of the intent (text), construct, and graphic material. How do you translate the techniques and understanding of time (period of understanding of each individual via the construct), to the movie?

27 07 2010
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