SIENA10 | Fonti di Pescaia. [Territory]

5 08 2010


Please click here for FINAL PRESENTATION

Initial Documentation:

Site Plan:

1226: Fish Supply to Siena

La Fonti di Pescaia:

Impression Board:

Figure Ground:

Three urban fabric typologies [medieval, 19C, early 20C]:


Street Map:

Related Geometry:


Through the Contradas:

Sectional cuts:

1 [roof garden]

2. [recreational park]

3 [community garden]

Spaces/ Uses:

Elevation Changes:

Micro/Macro Topography:

Procession to Time:



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3 09 2010

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3 09 2010
Fonti di Pescaia [final project] | Mariano [ blog ]

[…] Click here for initial documentation of the territory. […]

11 08 2010

Interesting variety of media.
Think about the connections between the ideas of experience, sectional topology, and the time aspect of the Pescaia neighborhood.

One uniquity you have pointed out is the fishing and maritime forces at play in this neighborhood of Siena, which is incredibly special as fish is not a very local food product from the immediate countryside. Where did the fish come from and when did it stop or shift, and why? Did it relate to social economic and or political alignments with Florence, Rome, or the coast?

Consider overlaying various drawings, such as the sections with elevational collages. let the color pallete relate between the media. Look to patterns and consider how you differentiate that color pallete.

Different periods of development will relate to the fish / agriculture of their time but may also provide an opportunity to relate to the growth and influences of the contradas, which you astutely point out as an influence in the development of the areas. What is the relationship to open space, and the daily lifestyle of the citizens of these areas. Is it in fact the same operational ideas occuring but across a variety of topological conditions which causes the different constructed approaches to adapt for this lifestyle of city, life, and food?

Good work. Look to organize and move forward with a future constructed intervention to propose that communicates your story or provides a canvas for the ongoing evolution of these spaces and culture over time.

13 08 2010

Thanks Philips,

We are actually narrowing down all the information and formatting it in three different medias: graphics, digital and video.


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