SIENA10 | Gruppo Satellite_Porte Ovile Ravacciano

5 08 2010

The site we have to map is Porte Ovile, Fonte Ovile, and the Jewish neighborhood of Ravacciano.

Traveled Path

Site Plan

Site Section

The following images represent our concepts of our neighborhood and gate mapping:


Over the Wall

Under the Wall


Entry Conditions

Threshold and Shift

Changing Landscape




One response

11 08 2010

Ovile Ravacciano group.
Perhaps some additional planometric work or analysis will lead you to some understanding of the various parts of your neighrbohood and why the sectional conditions relate to the morphological shifts in the architecture.

Continue to look for cultural clues in fabric- symbols, zoomed in textures….meaning!

Think finer grained planometric analysis. How does this relate to the automobile, and also the scaled dimensional distances to the city center and to local nodes such as the gate and fountain? How are this understood in the neighborhood? How are they not and potentially lost? What are the smallest scales of the neighborhoods? Regional connectivity?

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