SIENA10 | Porta Giustizia 2

6 08 2010






Path 1: Directly Through the Valley




One response

11 08 2010

So happy. Nice collages because you have taken ownership of the images. Can you name? Can you name the action or operation that you are highlighting? Try this. This may help make connective links across the images and then use that to make links between the locations/planometrically in the great map of your neighborhood fabric (walks). What adaptations occur across the area for topological or morphological variations that mantain the operations such as agriculture, contrada life, pedestrian mobility, and gathering.

The material textures are great. What do they mean? Where are they from? How do they provide meaning to the people of Siena and also the visitors to Siena? Are they materials related to political relationship to Florence and its quarries? To Rome and the sea?

How does the contemporary life of the visitors interest and either change local culture, or how does local culture protect itself from these imported flows?

Can the city grow back inward in the same way the subsequent walls grew outward? Is the city infact growing inward with the visitors even if they do not stay overnight? Should this be brough to the outer edges of the city and is this necessary for visitors to truly understand the sectional and agricultural operations / culture of Siena? Is that not their identity?

As you consider your construct and how you want it to cause people (visitors and locals) to “see” and understand Siena, where do you place this, and how do you get them there?

As I see the picture of the older people talking, and the child picking fruit, how does the city effect and include the lives of people under 6 and over 60? How does this allow and promote the flow of values across time.

Beautiful work! Be just as daring if not more so as you focus in on a place to affect the life of Siena.

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