SIENA10 | PALIO! 13/16 AUG 10

8 08 2010

the PALIO begins to manifest itself early next week: you will hear more drumming + see more flag-tossing in the contrade; you will  hear more songs + feel more tension in city.  most interestingly for us as architects + urbanists, you will see the campo transformed into a race course with grandstands, railings + dirt.

click S10 SCHEDULE SIENA PALIO for the dates + times of the PROVA, or trials, and the history of the race itself.

for more about the Palio and its relation to siena + her citizens, we recommend LA TERRA in PIAZZA by Alan Dundes + Alessandro Falassi, in addition to the readings we have already assigned. an excellent book, it is available in english at Libreria Senese on via di città and BookShop Siena on pian dei mantellini.




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7 08 2010

Is this the end for Italy’s most spectacular horse race?

The Italian government is attempting to introduce animal-welfare laws that could spell disaster for the Palio of Siena, say its residents

see this article in the GUARDIAN newspaper:

7 08 2010

minor adjustment to FRIDAY palio schedule:

FRIDAY 13 aug siena

09,00h tratta!
12/13,00h lotti!

14,00h studio
essay due
u|e|merge pinUP

19,15h prova!

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