SIENA10 Lorenzetti Redux | mariano delgado

18 08 2010

DELGADO mariano

Good and Bad / Bad and Good [Government?]

Start with humans breaking, kneeling, looking up, in desperate need to find anybody to guide their miserable lives. I say anybody and those are above, receiving and taking all the power they can. They are monstrous creatures, their appearances hold some appealing qualities, that is the reason people believe in them. An inverted head makes the mouth be in that realm, there is no brain there. Two lions hold the money. A giant graphic advertising prays “FUA” (F#ck You All)

The other half of the head in another realm: the one that we are free to think, to believe in our inner and unlimited potential. We do not need anybody else to guide our journey. From the beginning of humankind, men have ruled this world with unprecedented cruelty and greed: now a woman is there, calm waiting her turn. A sun like orange is the universe and we will all be flowing at its perfect rhythm. Two lions hold nothing.




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