SIENA10 Lorenzetti redux | jill debari

29 08 2010

NAME: jill debari

PROJECT: Lorenzetti Redux

ASSIGNMENT: Good and Bad Government Collages

When the morning excitement dwindled, the task of reinterpreting and recreating Lorenzetti’s ”The Allegory of the Good and Bad Government” was the priority. This fresco, located in the Palazzo Pubblico, on two walls parallel to one another (and one wall in between), describes the effects of tyranny and its effect on the city and the surrounding countryside. The “good” side shows a moral ruling council surrounded by angels, with happy people,a thriving economy, and a flourishing countryside helping to make the city survive. The “bad” side depicts evil, sin and death: the result of tyranny.  

Good and Bad Government 

In my interpretation, the manner of creating the collages was just as important as the collages themselves in conveying the concept. The good government collage consists of neatly cut out representations of a healthy Sienese society, with a lush countryside feeding a city with happy people and well-kept spaces. The bad government collage was first burned, then filled with ripped images of evil scenes and unhappy people, all black and white. The death and heartache leaks over to the countryside, across a decrepid wall. 

Collage Composition Sketch           posted on 8/14




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