NEWARK10 Nolli Town | OMG!

2 09 2010

Group Name: OMG: oh my Green
Group Project: Nolli Town Project
Group Members: Ian Siegel, Caio Moretti, Adam Rapciewicz, Adam Lasota

With our focus on NJIT, specifically the grass lawns of “The Green” and the surrounding campus fabric, we focused our views strongly on the Nolli Plan and the relationships that were uncovered under the campus layers.  Throughout studying and completing multiple iterations of the Nolli plan in both existing and our intervention terms, relationships were constantly being found.  Below is the existing campus Nolli plan and further down is the updated Nolli plan after we made our interventions into NJIT’s campus fabric.

For a better view, click the images for a closer look.

Existing Nolli Plan:

Proposed Nolli Plan:




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