NEWARK10 Campus Project | Green Monkeys

3 09 2010

GROUP NAME: Green Monkeys
GROUP MEMBERS: Cara Constantino, Shannon Hohlbein, Matt Holdsworth, Joe Roque

Once upon a time there was a group called the green monkeys.  On a magical day they came across the megaron which changed their lives forever.  The megaron is a concrete structure that sat upon a lecture hall in Smith hall and is by and large unused.

Our goal was to bring attention to this ruin by proposing a new axis that would run from the entrance of the architecture building down to the megaron.  Observing the sloping nature of the site the Green Monkeys were inspired by the possibilities that could be defined by the flow of water.  A model was constructed to test the types and forms of barriers required to direct the flow of water around our proposed axis.

This experiment revealed two paths that could be traveled from Weston Hall, both weaving on and off the axis into a courtyard adjacent to the megaron.  This axis was achieved by using the existing buildings on Rutgers campus and proposing a new parking lot that would hold the corner of Warren Street and MLK.

Our goal for this new axis was to encourage users to break the Rutgers/NJIT barrier and bring attention back to the megaron without altering its current physical conditions.

Please click the link below to see our final layout

Final Layout




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