SIENA10 | Fonti di Pescaia. [Territory]

5 08 2010


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Initial Documentation:

Site Plan:

1226: Fish Supply to Siena

La Fonti di Pescaia:

Impression Board:

Figure Ground:

Three urban fabric typologies [medieval, 19C, early 20C]:


Street Map:

Related Geometry:


Through the Contradas:

Sectional cuts:

1 [roof garden]

2. [recreational park]

3 [community garden]

Spaces/ Uses:

Elevation Changes:

Micro/Macro Topography:

Procession to Time:


SIENA10 | Gruppo Satellite_Porte Ovile Ravacciano

5 08 2010

The site we have to map is Porte Ovile, Fonte Ovile, and the Jewish neighborhood of Ravacciano.

Traveled Path

Site Plan

Site Section

The following images represent our concepts of our neighborhood and gate mapping:


Over the Wall

Under the Wall


Entry Conditions

Threshold and Shift

Changing Landscape

SIENA10 | 03/23 AUG 10

3 08 2010

here is the last revised schedule for SIENA (we hope). please download + review.  note that the FIRENZE (florence) TRIP has been moved to tues 10 aug, as expected.  the palio remains MONDAY 16 aug 10 + the review remains WEDNESDAY 18 aug 10.  during the palio weekend, we STRONGLY urge you to limit your travel plans to the provincia di siena. there is much to see, as the thousands who flock here every year can attest.

a reminder: you are free to wander 19/23 aug 10 when the return flight from rome departs. however, do NOT plan to leave wednesday night after the review!  note further that you are responsible for getting yourselves to the airport in rome on time!

finally, please confirm your departure date from the residenza porrione with me BEFORE 18 aug.  be aware that there are check out procedures you must follow before you can leave siena.

SIENA10 | Minding the Wall

27 07 2010

S10 siena breeching the wall map