SIENA10 precedent5 | Loggia del Papa/San Martino | Adam Lasota

2 09 2010

NAME: Adam Lasota
PROJECT: pop-UP piazza – Loggia del Papa/San Martino
ASSIGNMENT: HGprecedent 5


2 09 2010

Name: Neil Shah

Project: popUPpiazza

Assignment: HGprecedent 5


SIENA10 PRECEDENT05/Loggia del Papa/San Martino

29 08 2010

NAME: jill debari

PROJECT: loggia del papa/san martino

ASSIGNMENT: siena precedent 05/pop-up piazza  

The task: to study and reconstruct a piazza (Logge del Papa/San Martino Piazza) using a single sheet of A3 paper, with only cuts and folds (no tape and no removing paper).  It was a lot harder than I thought.         

On-Site Study:         

Loggia Corner 

San Martino Corner. Sketches 



 I suppose it is appropriate here to mention my system of measuring. Unlike in the Porta Pantaneto analytique assignment, where I carefully counted bricks and used my sketchbook, shoes and hands as tools, here I used the very basic geometry already presented to me on site. A fairly simple system of squares, rectangles and triangles allowed me to obtain an accurate proportional system of measure. I had one constant, x, which was the width of the church horizontally. From there, I assigned values relative to this “x” (2X, 1/2x, 1/4x, etc).  

Sketch Iteration (1):       

Sketch Iteration (1) 

Iteration 2:       

Iteration 2 (Measured on Regular Paper) 

Iteration 3:       

Iteration 3 (and Realized Mistakes) 

Final Blueprint:       

Final Blueprint 



Watercolor Test Sheet 

Finishing Up:      

Pre-Final Folds 

Looking Towards San Martino 

Looking Towards Via di Pantaneto 

Logge del Papa and San Martino 

Folded Under to Accomodate Topography 

The end result is a compact representation of the way I felt inside the piazza. As mentioned in my first post about this piazza, I felt that I was pulled in from the street, then quickly through to the other (parallel) street, when entering from either side. There is a funnel effect that makes this place more one of circulation than one of gathering, which is unfortunate.    

And. . .unfolded, both sides: 

The Model Unfolded (Both Sides)                posted on 08/12