SIENA10 precedent 05 | ian siegel

2 09 2010

NAME: ian siegel
PROJECT: popUP piazza – piazzetta santa maria della selva
ASSIGNMENT: HGprecedent 5

SIENA 10 PRECEDENT 05 – piazza s maria selva| joann lui

2 09 2010

NAME: joann lui
PROJECT: popUP piazza
ASSIGNMENT: HGprecedent 5

Each category usually contains more than one post for the sake of showing my process to the final product. For this, I put all the irrelevant events that happened on those days as gray texts a and the main event as black. Some of the posts may overlap in different categories, just simply because of the overlapping nature of the workshop and many assignments.


Siena10. POP UP Piazza S Maria Selva!

16 08 2010