6 09 2010

this is a FINAL warning + heads up:  too many of you are missing too much work on your individual blogs.  as you know, your grades are based on your weblog postings; no post = F.  the door is closing fast…


4 09 2010

ragazzi! a word of caution: please check your work!  among a lot of very good work, there are many examples of:

  • broken links;
  • images that are too small to make out (that is, they do not enlarge when clicked on);
  • missing titles, wrong titles and/or missing group member names.

we are doing our best to help organize + edit, but please do your part as well.  and don’t get us started on spelling. please be aware that grading by the faculty has started and that it is strictly web-based; if work is missing or late, it risks not be graded by some or all of the faculty.  note, too, that the siena2010 weblog will be closed to further posting and editing at NOON TUE 07 SEP 10.

Newark10. + 5 Analytique(s): NEWARK/ NYC

27 08 2010


Soldiers and Sailors Memorial, NYC

Museum of the City of New York, NYC

Newark Synagogue, Newark, NJ

Newark Museum, Newark, NJ

Harrison Town Center, Harrison, NJ

Montepulciano: Chiesa di San Biagio

27 08 2010


Rome10. Terme di Caracalla [first watercolor]

27 08 2010


Rome10. Chiesa di Santa Maria del Popolo

27 08 2010



25 08 2010


  • for group projects, posting here is REQUIRED. you may use a LINK to an individual blogs, but the information below must appear here on the main weblog.

GROUP NAME: facultyfaculty for example
GROUP PROJECT: sienastudio 2010 for example
GROUP MEMBERS: dart kopec lang romito/fiocca sollohub speranza

  • for individual assignments, sketches, etc posting here is OPTIONAL. you may use a LINK to your individual blogs, but the information below must appear here on the main weblog.

NAME: dart for example
PROJECT: posting guidelines for example
ASSIGNMENT: newark precedent 1 for example

the information listed above must be at the top of every post. you may redesign or reformat but the information must be clear to those who will be evaluating your work … you may also include a small signature image or motto above the group name.
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