SIENA10 | Lorenzetti Redux

16 08 2010

please post the EFFECTS OF GOOD + BAD GOVERNMENT UPON THE CITY + THE COUNTRYSIDE collages here.  include in the post a minimum 250-word abstract explaining your compositional strategy and the iconographic program of your collage’s imagery.


8 08 2010

we go separately to FIRENZE tuesday morning to meet together at 9,30h in front of S Maria Novella, the church, not the train station. please download + print (if you can) the following intinerary + map.  please get yourselves to the 8,00h bus from siena arriving at 09,15h in firenze in time to have a coffee + check out the the great Stazione S Maria Novella.

we’re meeting a friend. you know the hat …

28 07 2010

lewis mumford on the city …

SIENA10 | Minding the Wall

27 07 2010

S10 siena breeching the wall map

ROMA10  | SMdP Mind the Map!

26 07 2010

EXIT inside : the MIND the BODY | ENTER outside : the VOID the FULL

the former psychiatric hospital Santa Maria della Pietà, Rome

a short film by peter lang

8 06 2010

we are not alone….

From 8-12 June 2010, Storefront for Art and Architecture, in partnership with Museo Experimental El Eco, Tomo and Domus Magazine, will host the third edition of Postopolis!, a public five-day session of near-continuous conversation curated by some of the world’s most prominent bloggers from the fields of architecture, art, urbanism, landscape, music and design. 10 world-renowned bloggers from Los Angeles, New York, Turin, Barcelona, London and elsewhere will convene in one location in Mexico City to host a series of discussions, interviews, slideshows, presentations, films and panels fusing the informal and interdisciplinary approach of the architecture blogosphere with rare face-to-face interaction.


6 06 2010