29 07 2010


Dante Alighieri, Purgatorio XI 134-136  posted  in the campo near casato di sotto.*

Casting aside all shame, freely He stood in the campo of Siena, begging … Dante tells how a proud and glorious man, casting shame aside, was saved from hell when, one day, he took a stand in the Campo of Siena to beg for money to ransom an imprisoned friend.

siena grades are all posted (and hopefully soon forgotten) and a new semester is well underway … soon, a new siena studio will start forming. on behalf of all us faculty, a final grazie molto for a memorable siena.studio.2010.

* for those who would like to know the full reference:

‘Quando vivea piil glorioso, disse, / Liberamente nel campo di Siena, Ogni vergogna deposta, s’affisse: / Egli, per trar Pamico suo di pena, / Che sostenea nella prigion di Carlo, / Si condusse a trernar per ogni vena. / Fib non dirb, e scuro so che parlo; Ma poco tempo andt a, che i tuoi vicini / Faranno si che tu potrai chiosarlo.’

‘When in his height of glory,’ said the other, / Casting aside all shame, freely He stood in the campo of Siena, begging:/ He, to redeem his friend from infamy / And death, in [Emperor] Charles’s dungeons, / did what made him Tremble through every vein. / No more; my speech Is dark; thy countrymen,  / ere long will do That which will help thee to interpret it.’

Dante Divine Comedy Purgatory verse 134-136 translated by Baldasare Lombardi