6 09 2010

this is a FINAL warning + heads up:  too many of you are missing too much work on your individual blogs.  as you know, your grades are based on your weblog postings; no post = F.  the door is closing fast…


25 08 2010

PEER GROUP EVALUATIONS are an integral part of studio grading. excel templates have been emailed to you all. please fill out + return via email to please name the file S10<LASTNAME>.xls (no spaces). on behalf of all of us faculty, we would like to thank you again for your participation in the sienastudio 2010, and especially, your good humor + good work over the course of the summer.  it has been a pleasure and, we hope, a good learning experience.

SIENA10 | 09/23 AUG 10 FINAL!

9 08 2010

here is the last revised FINAL SCHEDULE for SIENA! a reminder:  the provincial borders are CLOSED during the palio weekend. travel is limited to the provincia di siena. there is much to see, as the thousands who flock here every year can attest.

a FINAL reminder: you are free to wander 19/23 aug 10 when the return flight from rome departs. however, do NOT plan to leave wednesday night after the review!  note further that you are responsible for getting yourselves to the airport in rome on time!

finally, please confirm your departure date from the residenza porrione with me BEFORE 18 aug.  be aware that there are check out procedures you must follow before you can leave siena.


17 05 2010

IMPORTANT!  if you have applied, but not yet received, your passport PLEASE email your FULL NAME as it will appear on your passport and your BIRTH DATE to IMMEDIATELY.  we cannot issue your airline ticket until you submit this information!

REMINDER! scan your passport

6 05 2010

IMPORTANT! please scan the photo page of your passport and email to samanthea jones by NOON WEDNESDAY THURSDAY 13 MAY 2010.  we cannot issue your airline ticket until you submit your passport photo page!

UPDATE! acceptance notices ISSUED

18 03 2010

please note that acceptance notices went out this morning.  please review + follow instructions…

UPDATE! PAYMENT 1 + acceptance notices

17 03 2010

acceptances will be issued today via email.  please hold payment 1 until you have received an acceptance notice.