8 08 2010

we go separately to FIRENZE tuesday morning to meet together at 9,30h in front of S Maria Novella, the church, not the train station. please download + print (if you can) the following intinerary + map.  please get yourselves to the 8,00h bus from siena arriving at 09,15h in firenze in time to have a coffee + check out the the great Stazione S Maria Novella.

we’re meeting a friend. you know the hat …


14 07 2010

itinerario 5 focuses on the terme di caracalla, but includes passing by circo massimo + palatino, FAO (world food organization, formerly ministero per l’Africa-Italiana) by ridolfi + cafiero, 1938.

at terme di caracalla (baths of caracalla)

  • document: the arch + the order of construction
  • water color: lessons in transparency + transcendence with peter lang

we will then take a walk  through san saba, another garden city example from the early 20th c, past streets named for artists + architects. (can you believe it?)

as always in rome, earlier layers appear. in a memorable example, we will pass a section of the servian wall.

we will pause at the piazza dei cavalieri di malta, santa maria del priorato, one of GB Piranesi’s few built works, c1760, for a few words about the graphical in architecture + games of composition + appropriation, before concluding the morning’s itinerario at Santa Sabina.  note that park just beyond santa sabina offers a spectacular panorama of rome.

on the way back to garbatella, be sure to visit the palazzo delle poste, Piazza Piramide, Av Avellino, A Libera, 1933. for more information + details, ask ian.

we will reconvene at 21,00h at via Valeriano 3F (Metro B San Paolo-Garbatella) for  Città dell’Utopia for dinner + a movie.  please check SMdP workshop appointments for details!


12 07 2010

liberté  fraternité egalité!

itinerario 4 includes our missed sites from itinerari 1 + 2 starting at san carlo alle quatre fontane for the continuation of the diagram/parti sketching exercise begun at san andrea al quirinale on monday.

we will then return to santa maria della pace to see the chiesa (hopefully) and the bramante chiostre/cloister (definitely).

interario 4 mainly focuses on zaha hadid’s recently completely MAXXI, which we will visit around noon to see the building + several exhibitions on architecture, including luigi moretti: from rationalism to informalism + SPAZIO / italian geographies: a journey through contemporary architecture, among others.

at 17.30h we will meet at stazione termini for pietro vereni’s lecture/walk global + local rome: a walk along boundaries, to be followed by a studio dinner.


12 07 2010

villa farnese caprarola

we will travel outside of rome on tuesday to avoid the heat,  first to caprarola where the farnese fled to avoid the sack of rome in 1527, to see the remarkable villa farnese by vignola, a villa in the pentagon form of a fortress.  there is also the casina, a sweet pleasure pavilion up the hill (where you can see the 2003 siena studio waving from the parterre, above).

from caprarola, we will continue on to bagnaia for lunch and the villa lante, equally a pleasure garden but with a more serious conceptual + philosophical – not to mention political – intent.

villa lante bagnaia

we will end the day with a shopping excursion to a very modern-day retail villa, the da vinci mega mall, before returning to rome in time to reach the villa massimo for the the introductory lecture on the Santa Maria della Pietà workshop.


11 07 2010

please download + print (if you can) S10 ROMA ITINERARI 1+2 baroque  I + II.  we leave the hotel promptly at 08,30h monday 12 july 10.


9 06 2010

a reminder: we go to DIA:BEACON and STORM KING on thursday. we’ll meet at 10h30 at Dia:Beacon.  wear comfortable shoes, bring an umbrella + pack your sketchbooks.  see EWR ITINERARIES + ASSIGNMENTS for S10 EWR HG PRECEDENT assignment 02.


4 06 2010

self-guided S10 NYC ITINERARY 2 return to the MORGAN LIBRARY in manhattan over this weekend/week to visit PALLADIO and HIS LEGACY. click on the image at left to access the morgan library web site.

S10 NYC ITINERARY 2 follows S10 NYC ITINERARY 1 by expanding the range of italian typologies in their anglo/american manifestations.  as we saw repeatedly on tuesday’s walk around manhattan, classical + renaissance models of urban spaces + buildings were repeatedly invoked by architects + planners in the 19th + early 20th centuries, even as those models were utterly transformed programmatically.

assignment see EWR ITINERARIES + ASSIGNMENTS page before you visit the morgan for the related assignment  S10 EWR HG PRECEDENT assignment 01 DUE 14JUN10 revised DUE 21JUN10.

self-guided check out the KEY to the CITY web site by clicking the logo.  visit the project’s kiosk in TIMES SQUARE.

assignment write a 200-word review of the project in a comment to this post> due 08 JUN 2010!

For centuries, the key to the city has been used to honor a city’s heroes and visiting dignitaries. Now, artist Paul Ramírez Jonas has created a Key to the City that is not only a symbolic award, but also a functional key—opening spaces across all five boroughs of New York City. This Key to the City is intended for everyday citizens, who will award one another the key for reasons large and small. Once in hand, the key launches a citywide exploration of back doors, front gates, community gardens, graveyards, and museums that suggests that the city is a series of spaces that are either locked or unlocked.


29 05 2010

a reminder: tuesday afternoon we travel to manhattan for URBAN SPACE 1 field trip.  we will depart NJIT promptly at 12 noon after morning mapping crits.  wear comfy shoes + pack your sketchbooks.

look for ITINERARY NYC01 soon.