NEWARK10 | NOLLI TOWN post now!

6 08 2010

please post the both NOLLI plans here … first the existing conditions NOLLI followed by the NOLLI incorporating the Campus Place proposals.  please use the same category and tags as this post.  please also include your names and sections of the NOLLI you took responsibility for documenting.


25 06 2010

FRACTURES + FISSURES urban/campus grain/cross-grain

  • newark review 12-6pm WED 30 JUNE 2010 NJ/SOA storefront gallery

presentation composite nolli map of existing conditions + composite nolli map of new proposals

  • INSTALL side by side in the storefront, far southwest corner

presentation individual group projects/proposals

  • INSTALL in order, west to east, per the list below
  • REVISE manifesto + install at the upper left corner of your group’s individual presentation; print large enough for us to read from our seats
  • INCLUDE analysis documentation, study models, sketches, etc to supplement your presentation + reveal your process


12h00 review the nolli maps at the same scale SIDE by SIDE in the storefront

  • composite nolli of existing campus
  • composite nolli of all new projects/proposals

13h00 walkabout with all groups to each site

13h45 group presentations in the storefront, west to east, top to bottom, NJIT green to rutgers quad, mountains to the sea…and, yes, the motto editorializing is ours.
  • OMG! | NJIT Green Mess 13h45
  • IN[de]CISION | Summit Street + its Discontents 14h15
  • ORANGE IGUANAS | Crossing MLKing 14h45
  • BACK TO BACK | Eberhardt Hall Field Theory 15h15
  • DAZED + CONFUSED | Rutgers Quad + Library Wad 15h45
  • GREEN MONKEYS | Smith Hall Megaron + Beyond 16h15
  • COURTYARD CONQUISTADORES | Aidekman Quad il giardino segreto/secrenendo (the secret/secreting garden) 16h45

19h00 dinner at Sagres Bar & Grillin the ironbound, proof once again that architecture is what we do between meals…

NEWARK10 Nolli Town | exquisite corpse REDUX | TUES 22 JUN 10

18 06 2010

please REVISIT all NOLLI map sections per our discussion on thursday.  please REVISE all map sections + print out on 11×17 sheets.   [re] assemble the map on wall in one of the second floor studios for tuesday. make this a useful tool!

let us know if you have any questions by posting a comment here.

S10 EWR NOLLI PINUP exquisite corpse | THU 17 JUN 10

13 06 2010

in ADVANCE of the mid-review on thursday 17 Jun 10, please pin up all NOLLI map sections from each group in the STOREFRONT (please use north wall opposite the concave wall).  please tile all map sections to print out on 11×17 sheets at a COMMON SCALE.  assemble the map on wall in ADVANCE of the mid-review.

CAPOS: please get together to determine what the common scale should be.  be sure to use a scale that maximizes the wall space available, that is, floor to ceiling and/or side to side. please note that NORTH should be UP unless you all can convince us otherwise.

FOOT SOLDIERS: everyone participates/everyone helps.

let us know if you have any questions by posting a comment here.


29 05 2010

please visit the EWR ITINERARIES + ASSIGNMENTS page and follow the comments/reply thread for changes + additions to the NOLLI mapping areas for each group.  let us know if you have any questions by posting a comment here.

NEWARK10 | itineraries + assignments

25 05 2010

please visit the NEW EWR ITINERARIES + ASSIGNMENTS page (see menu bar above) to find the following:

there you will also find links to BASE MAPS for the nolli mapping exercise + site analysis.