15 08 2010

You can get into the Piazza del Campo from any entrance before the Corteo Storico comes into the Piazza.  After the parade has begun its entrance, you can go through the opening from VIA DUPRÉ (the entrance from the Onda contrada to the RIGHT of the Palazzo Pubblico as you face the building).  Keep in mind that this last entrance; it is very narrow and to walk through it can be very problematic  due to the great crowds that form.

In theory, it is possible to go into the Piazza del Campo from the Onda contrada entrance until a few minutes before the actual time indicated for the race. However, you must keep in mind that this is the ONLY entrance still open and that thousands of other people will be trying to enter there at the last minute. It is therefore advisable to arrive well in advance and be ready to wait up to half an hour before actually being able to get into the Piazza due to the great crowds trying to enter all at once along this narrow street.  You should be at via Dupré no later than 17,30 in the opinion of many Palio veterans.

In addition, once you have entered into the Piazza, it is even more problematic to leave the Piazza before the beginning of the race. For that reason it is very important to carefully evaluate whether or not to enter or only to go in if one is determined to remain until the end of the Palio race.  excerpted from PALIO QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS by Helen Elizabeth Sadler



SIENA10 | Le Contrade del Palio dell’Assunta 2010

13 08 2010

“ASSESSMENTS of the VICTORIOUS CONTRADA HORSE” may be entered by commenting to this post with your NAME and the name of the CONTRADA … NO ASSESSMENTS [10euro] WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER 12NOON CET 16 AUG 10!

Dieci Contrade su 17 corrono il Palio / Ten contrade of 17 run the Palio: sette che non hanno corso il Palio di Agosto dell’anno scorso / seven who did not race last year:

  • OCA

e tre sorteggiate tra le dieci che hanno partecipato alla corsa del 2009/ and three selected among the ten who did participate in last year’s race:

  • ONDA

L’ordine di estrazione delle rimanenti Contrade, che stabilirà l’ordine d’ingresso delle Contrade nel Corteo storico, è: Torre, Pantera, Chiocciola, Istrice, Lupa, Aquila e Leocorno. Queste correranno di diritto il Palio nell’agosto 2011.

Un po’ di dati:  L’anno scorso il Palio dell’Assunta è stato vinto dalla Civetta che corre anche quest’anno.  La Civetta non veniva estratta per il Palio di agosto dal 1993, mentre la Giraffa dal 2001. L’Onda è stata estratta per la seconda volta consecutiva, bissando l’estrazione per il Palio di luglio 2010: una doppia estrazione consecutiva non avveniva dal 1954. L’anno passto la Civetta (Istriceddu) correva insieme a Giraffa (Giordhan), Leocorno (Lampante), Istrice (Ganosu), Onda (Guadalupe), Lupa (Gammede), Chiocciola (Leo Lui), Pantera (Giove Deus), Torre (Guschione) ed Aquila (Indira Bella). Nessuna contrada dal 2000 ha fatto cappotto, ossia ha vinto sia a Luglio che ad Agosto.

SIENA10 | PALIO! 13/16 AUG 10

8 08 2010

the PALIO begins to manifest itself early next week: you will hear more drumming + see more flag-tossing in the contrade; you will  hear more songs + feel more tension in city.  most interestingly for us as architects + urbanists, you will see the campo transformed into a race course with grandstands, railings + dirt.

click S10 SCHEDULE SIENA PALIO for the dates + times of the PROVA, or trials, and the history of the race itself.

for more about the Palio and its relation to siena + her citizens, we recommend LA TERRA in PIAZZA by Alan Dundes + Alessandro Falassi, in addition to the readings we have already assigned. an excellent book, it is available in english at Libreria Senese on via di città and BookShop Siena on pian dei mantellini.

7 08 2010

from the film made from desmond morris’s the human animal, 1973 …. and, no, it is not a parody.  note the attribution of the contenders ‘colors’ to ‘siena’s ancient families’. even you know that those colors really belong to the contrade

and a RAI tv special from 1972.


8 07 2010

here is the schedule for SIENA. please download + review. note that the palio is MONDAY 16 aug 10 + the review is WEDNESDAY 18 aug 10.  you are free to wander 19/23 aug 10 when the return flight from rome departs. note further that you are responsible for getting yourselves to the airport in rome in time!

did you see the article in sunday 4 july NY Times about the Palio in Siena? read it here:

this info has also been posted to the SIENA page, link above.  check the SIENA page for itineraries + assignments for the workshop in SIENA…