28 07 2010

Our route. . .



We venture outside Santa Maria della Pieta’s walls. . . Read the rest of this entry »


28 07 2010

GROUP NAME: Satellite
GROUP PROJECT: roma 10 s.maria d.pieta
GROUP MEMBERS: Shannon Hohlbein, Matt Holdsworth, Brad Kern, Neil Shah, Ian Siegel
ASSIGNMENT:  workshop 1

We begun with a walk beginning at Santa Maria della Pieta moving through Monte Mario into the countryside beyond. Our major observation was two different types of “edges of the city”:

One was a hard city edge; we found ourselves literally fenced into the city with no easy way into the woods on the opposite side of the fence. Read the rest of this entry »


28 07 2010

GROUP NAME: parola
GROUP PROJECT: roma 10 s.maria d.pieta
GROUP MEMBERS: Joann Lui, RJ Wells, Adam Lasota, Shawntel Young, David Florez
ASSIGNMENT:  workshop 1

The Story Begins…

Once upon a time, there was a psychiatric hospital called Santa Maria Della Pieta. This hospital was seen as an embarrassment to the city and the family members of the patients. The first decision was to set the asylum far from the city “out of sight, out of mind.”  This hospital was one of the largest hospitals with 3000 patients and about 850 nurses. Read the rest of this entry »


27 07 2010


Control & Freedom:  From a View

The environment in which one inhabits plays a role in the manipulation and transformation of the mind.  society as a whole & general, dictates rights and wrongs, blacks and whites, & placement.  Those external forces drive labels on individuals, not ‘meant’ for ‘society’.  In our journey to create the emotion and context of these two forces, the city & former asylum, we have relied on past experiences of peoples images and words at the duration of the functioning asylum as well as the city, outside the gates & fused them with our own experiences in our duration.  Essential and outlined for ones life is the tools given, symbolic as spoon, fork and knife, as in some societies such as the asylum, not all the tools as handed out. We have come to discover and provoke a continuing question[s] of “What is a ‘society’?”.  Who makes these regulations, holds the keys, and determines acceptance and/or barriers. Read the rest of this entry »

ROMA10  | SMdP Mind the Map!

26 07 2010

EXIT inside : the MIND the BODY | ENTER outside : the VOID the FULL

the former psychiatric hospital Santa Maria della Pietà, Rome

a short film by peter lang

ROMA10 | SMdP ex-Lavanderia

23 07 2010

ROMA10 | SMdP  22-24 JUL 10!

22 07 2010

click S10 SMdP SCHEDULE THU FRI SAT SUN for schedule + work details for thursday, friday + saturday!

please note that we start FRIDAY PROMPTLY at 9,oo with pin up review with Cesare Pietroiusti and his project presentation.

ROMA10 | SMdP the fountain talks

22 07 2010

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ROMA10 | SMdP the dance floor mappamondo

22 07 2010


21 07 2010

Second week REVISED!

click Mind the Map! Crossing Mapping and Performing the SMdP and its surroundings for the [slightly] revised schedule for the second week.  note, too, that philip speranza will be joining us friday afternoon + evening.  he will be with us for the following two weeks in siena.


18 07 2010

entrare fuori | uscire dentro

on monday 19 july 10, we’ll have a tour of the museo laboratorio della mente/museum of the mind by Dr Pompeo Martelli, the director of the Centro Studi e Ricerche Museo della Mente at Santa Maria della Pietà.  the exhibitions at the museum, a combination of historical documents and objects with interactive and evocative videos designed + produced by milano-based studio azzurro, gives the history of the ex-manicomio, or asylum, as a series of vignettes about life, or a sense of life, within its walls.

enter outside | exit inside

ROMA10 | Santa Maria della Pietà 19-25 JUL 10

18 07 2010

Second week

Mind the Map! Crossing Mapping and Performing the SMdP and its surroundings

Monday 19th exit inside


9.00-11.00 morning talk: Lorenzo Romito presenting the workshop structure and activities

11.00 -12.45 visit: Museo della Mente, ‘mind’s museum’, interactive museum with artworks from Studio Azzurro (http://www.museodellamente.it/index.php/ecms/uk) the museum will be presented by  the director doctor Pompeo Martelli

14.00 -17.00 workshop: interaction by Stefano Mirti, (architect, NABA, Milan)

18.30-20.30 community works

20.30 dinner

22.00 round table: students proposals and critics

Tuesday 20th exit inside


9.00-10.00 morning talk: TRAI (artistic group) presentation of the Mind Game, a role game to play with the inhabitants of the ex psychiatric hospital

10.00 Santa Maria della Pietà walk with the testimony of Adriano Pallotta, former nurse of the psychiatric hospital

15.00-18.30 work in groups

18.30-20.30 community works

20.30 dinner

22.00 round table: presentation ‘SMdP. The ideal city’ by Massimiliano Taggi, ex Lavanderia

Wednesday 21st enter outside


early morning (as soon as we can) 4 walks along the green systems (Pineto, Insugherata, Monte Mario, Casal del Marmo)

15.00-18.30 work in groups

18.30-20.30 community works

20.30 dinner

22.00 Stalker’s videos

Thursday 22nd enter outside


early morning (as soon as we can) 4 walks across the neighbourhoods (Primavalle, Ottavia, Sant’Onofrio, Torresina)

15.00-18.30 work in groups

18.30-20.30 community works

20.30 dinner + free evening or cinema (to be defined together)

Friday 23 rd

9.00-11.00 morning talk: Cesare Pietroiusti, artist and psychiatric, as artist worked with the patients of pavilion n°90 in the 80’s

11.00-18.30 work in groups

18.30-20.30 community works

20.30 dinner

Saturday 24th

SMdP. Final event

Mind the Map. A path through the all park of SMDP presenting memories, experiences and possibilities of the place explored during  the workshop

from 6 pm final party

Sunday 25th

morning roundtable: reciprocal evaluation and goodbye before leaving for Siena…

Google map:

Map of Santa Maria della Pieta and related workshop sites

community works

24 (6 groups by 4 students)

1.common spaces cleaning

2. breakfast

3. shopping and dinner

4. set up and unset dinner and dish washing

studio working group

24 students

4 groups by 6 students

workshop evaluations on

1. living space design and practices

2. mapping Santa Maria della Pietà and its surroundings

(memories, practices and imaginaries)

3. performing the ‘mind game’ on Saturday 24th

ROMA10 | Santa Maria della Pietà 16-18 JUL 10

18 07 2010

Common Design of a psychogeographic map at the ex Psychiatric Hospital of S. Maria della Pietà Schedule First week

Three exit strategies through times and spaces of Rome (N, S, W)  Crossing and Mapping the Roman Beyondcity

Tuesday 13th Intro

lecture by Prof. Giovanni Azzena, archaeologist “Mundus, Asylum, and Lustratio: Practices of foundation in the world and in Rome”

PrimaveraRomana and the Beyond City. Workshop introduction presentation Raumlabor project ‘Libertà vigilata’ in collaboration with Stalker/PrimaveraRomana about the new neighbourhoods under construction around Rome

barbeque dinner

7.00 p.m/Villa Massimo German Academy/via di Villa Massimo 1-2 (Metro B Piazza Bologna)

Wednesday 14th East exit

Global and local Rome. A linear walk along boundaries from Termini Station walking in between the antic Felice aqueduct and the modern railway through Esquilino, Pigneto, Mandrione, Tor Pignattara walking lecture by Pietro Vereni, anthropologist with dinner at Banglatown.

5.30 pm/Termini Station appointment at Laziali tramway (to come back bus 105 to Termini Station at any time)

Thursday 15th South exit

walk along the Tiber with Lorenzo Romito with cinema Vogliamo i colonnelli by Mario Monicelli (O.V. with subtitles) 1973.

5.30 pm/Isola Tiberina/dinner and cinema at the Città dell’Utopia www.lacittadellutopia.it/www.lacittadellutopia.it via Valeriano 3F/Metro B San Paolo

Friday 16th Santa Maria della Pietà

10.00 am at Derby Hotel to Monte Mario Station: living space set up at Santa Maria della Pietà with dinner at SMdP

Saturday 17th free

Set up the Theatrehome living space at SMDP in the top room where the hostel of the ex lavanderia padiglione n.31 is located is also the theatre, the goal is designing removable structures that could allow to switch the use of the space.

Sunday 18th free

16 07 2010

ragazzi! this from guilia about an extraordinary series of exhibitions of caravaggio’s work (remember caravaggio’s conversion of st paul at santa maria di popolo,

hi guys,
there is the caravaggio night…most of his places for free all the night long among the 17 th and the 18th
maybe could be great for the students


sorry, just in italian……..


14 07 2010

itinerario 5 focuses on the terme di caracalla, but includes passing by circo massimo + palatino, FAO (world food organization, formerly ministero per l’Africa-Italiana) by ridolfi + cafiero, 1938.

at terme di caracalla (baths of caracalla)

  • document: the arch + the order of construction
  • water color: lessons in transparency + transcendence with peter lang

we will then take a walk  through san saba, another garden city example from the early 20th c, past streets named for artists + architects. (can you believe it?)

as always in rome, earlier layers appear. in a memorable example, we will pass a section of the servian wall.

we will pause at the piazza dei cavalieri di malta, santa maria del priorato, one of GB Piranesi’s few built works, c1760, for a few words about the graphical in architecture + games of composition + appropriation, before concluding the morning’s itinerario at Santa Sabina.  note that park just beyond santa sabina offers a spectacular panorama of rome.

on the way back to garbatella, be sure to visit the palazzo delle poste, Piazza Piramide, Av Avellino, A Libera, 1933. for more information + details, ask ian.

we will reconvene at 21,00h at via Valeriano 3F (Metro B San Paolo-Garbatella) for  Città dell’Utopia for dinner + a movie.  please check SMdP workshop appointments for details!

ROMA10 | Santa Maria della Pietà 13-16 JUL 10

14 07 2010

ragazzi! click SMdP workshop appointments + related maps for this week. please note our meeting point at 17,30h WEDNESDAY at the tramway Lazali at stazione termini.  it’s important to be on time because we will take the tram as a group to begin our walking/talking!


12 07 2010

liberté  fraternité egalité!

itinerario 4 includes our missed sites from itinerari 1 + 2 starting at san carlo alle quatre fontane for the continuation of the diagram/parti sketching exercise begun at san andrea al quirinale on monday.

we will then return to santa maria della pace to see the chiesa (hopefully) and the bramante chiostre/cloister (definitely).

interario 4 mainly focuses on zaha hadid’s recently completely MAXXI, which we will visit around noon to see the building + several exhibitions on architecture, including luigi moretti: from rationalism to informalism + SPAZIO / italian geographies: a journey through contemporary architecture, among others.

at 17.30h we will meet at stazione termini for pietro vereni’s lecture/walk global + local rome: a walk along boundaries, to be followed by a studio dinner.


12 07 2010

villa farnese caprarola

we will travel outside of rome on tuesday to avoid the heat,  first to caprarola where the farnese fled to avoid the sack of rome in 1527, to see the remarkable villa farnese by vignola, a villa in the pentagon form of a fortress.  there is also the casina, a sweet pleasure pavilion up the hill (where you can see the 2003 siena studio waving from the parterre, above).

from caprarola, we will continue on to bagnaia for lunch and the villa lante, equally a pleasure garden but with a more serious conceptual + philosophical – not to mention political – intent.

villa lante bagnaia

we will end the day with a shopping excursion to a very modern-day retail villa, the da vinci mega mall, before returning to rome in time to reach the villa massimo for the the introductory lecture on the Santa Maria della Pietà workshop.


11 07 2010

please download + print (if you can) S10 ROMA ITINERARI 1+2 baroque  I + II.  we leave the hotel promptly at 08,30h monday 12 july 10.