6 09 2010

this is a FINAL warning + heads up:  too many of you are missing too much work on your individual blogs.  as you know, your grades are based on your weblog postings; no post = F.  the door is closing fast…


25 08 2010


  • for group projects, posting here is REQUIRED. you may use a LINK to an individual blogs, but the information below must appear here on the main weblog.

GROUP NAME: facultyfaculty for example
GROUP PROJECT: sienastudio 2010 for example
GROUP MEMBERS: dart kopec lang romito/fiocca sollohub speranza

  • for individual assignments, sketches, etc posting here is OPTIONAL. you may use a LINK to your individual blogs, but the information below must appear here on the main weblog.

NAME: dart for example
PROJECT: posting guidelines for example
ASSIGNMENT: newark precedent 1 for example

the information listed above must be at the top of every post. you may redesign or reformat but the information must be clear to those who will be evaluating your work … you may also include a small signature image or motto above the group name.
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24 08 2010

FOLIOWEBLOG click for a list of assignment + content requirements

Whoever knows how to design a park well will have no difficulty in tracing the plan for the building of a city according to its given area and situation. There must be squares, crossroads, and streets. There must be regularity and fantasy, relationships and oppositions, and casual unexpected elements that vary the scene; great order in the details, confusion, uproar, and tumult in the whole. M.A. Laugier  Observations sur l’Architecture 1765.

Notations on architecture and the city have historically been rendered legible through publications and manifestoes. From Vitruvius to Le Corbusier to the present day architects have presented their impressions and design intentions in clear graphic and textual narratives. These works can provide models for a graphic-based rhetorical language. The architectural treatise constitutes a comprehensive means of communicating all aspects of architectural design, from precedent to projection, addressing the varying dimensions of the discipline. A tectonic appreciation of the city begins with creating a graphic-based methodology for reading and communicating architecture.

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10 08 2010

ragazzi!  the blog is back; authors + images restored. post away, please.

6 06 2010

you have all been sent email ‘invitations’ to create your own wordpress blog. please do so by tuesday 08 jun 10. please don’t worry about designing your blog now – we’ll have a tutorial soon – but feel free to play around. in order to link your blog to the siena2010 blog, please send the url to me at if you did not receive an invitation, please let me know ASAP.