SIENA10 | 09/23 AUG 10 FINAL!

9 08 2010

here is the last revised FINAL SCHEDULE for SIENA! a reminder:  the provincial borders are CLOSED during the palio weekend. travel is limited to the provincia di siena. there is much to see, as the thousands who flock here every year can attest.

a FINAL reminder: you are free to wander 19/23 aug 10 when the return flight from rome departs. however, do NOT plan to leave wednesday night after the review!  note further that you are responsible for getting yourselves to the airport in rome on time!

finally, please confirm your departure date from the residenza porrione with me BEFORE 18 aug.  be aware that there are check out procedures you must follow before you can leave siena.


8 08 2010

we go separately to FIRENZE tuesday morning to meet together at 9,30h in front of S Maria Novella, the church, not the train station. please download + print (if you can) the following intinerary + map.  please get yourselves to the 8,00h bus from siena arriving at 09,15h in firenze in time to have a coffee + check out the the great Stazione S Maria Novella.

we’re meeting a friend. you know the hat …


29 07 2010

for local touring in siena + the province, the tourist office in the campo is the best source of information.  for more ambitious excursions, there are many travel agencies in siena catering to students. ask at the tourist office to find them … as a general rule, bus to firenze (florence) for train service to all major italian cities.  the cheapest fastest way to roma (rome) is the the SENA bus, departing from piazza gramsci + arriving at the tiburtina train station in roma on the metropolitana line A.  schedules + links are below:

SITA bus schedule bus service from siena to firenze (florence)
trenitalia for train service in italy + beyond, schedules, reservations + tickets in english though it helps to know the italian city names
autolinee SENA cheap bus service to roma (rome) + elsewhere in italy


5 07 2010

città trionfale is from primavera romana 2010 | oltrecittà (see the first critical link on this blog). the organizers of primavera romana, in particular stalker + osservatorio nomade founding member lorenzo romito, are also the organizers of our workshop in rome at santa maria della pietà, the sprawling former psychiatric hospital located in trionfale quarter of rome. peter lang, who you met in newark + who will be with us in rome, is also a longstanding member of stalker.

a major part of the workshop program involves the kind of walks depicted in the clip.  we suggest that in addition to prada + juicy, you should have the following…

  • backpack suitable for hiking/overnight use (make this your second piece of allowed airline baggage)
  • walking shoes very sturdy + very comfortable (sandals/flip-flops not recommended)
  • top sheet + bath/beach towel (these may be easily purchased in rome)
  • insect repellent + sun block (also available in rome)
  • hat + shades
  • swimwear (optional depending on the venue)
  • parasol + handkerchief  (optional but necessary for a proper ‘second line’ to any parade … available in rome)

and to repeat our recommendations for church visits (remember that many places do not allow shorts above the knee or tank tops for men or women)…

  • a scarf or sari light + large enough to wrap around your waist +/or shoulders
  • light-weight shirt for same

for guide books, we recommend…

  • blue guides (for detailed info about history, sites, art + culture; very british but very thorough)
  • romewalks, florencewalks, etc (audio guides of various itineraries for those who like to be led)
  • moon italy by alexei cohen (unknown to me, but recommended by many)
  • michelin green guides or access guides (very good + portable general guides with maps, etc)
  • rough guides + lonely planet (good general guides for the under 25 set)
  • any guide with a man’s name in it (pretty much tourist trash)


5 07 2010

airline information + travel insurance

you have possession of your eTickets and travel insurance documents.  you are responsible for them.  PLEASE put them in a safe place; PLEASE leave a copy with your parent or guardian.

The confirmation number for our AIR FRANCE flights on 08 JULY 10 and 23 AUGUST 2010 is FPTXGZ.
Click here to access your reservation on the web or a mobile device.
Virtually There® allows you to review or print your reservations.
Click here access to your travel insurance policy


The following are street addresses of our hotel in Rome + the dorm (residenza) in Siena:

arr 09 July/dep 16 July

Hotel Derby,  via di Vigna Pozzi 7  (Largo delle sette chiese),  00145 ROMA , tel +39 (06) 513 6978

arr 16 July/dep 25 July

Santa Maria della Pietà, Piazza S Maria della Pietà, ROMA  please note: telephone + mail delivery are NOT available at S Maria/internet + email will be available.

arr 25 July/dep 23 August

Residenza Universitaria PORRIONE,  via Porrione 114,  53100 SIENA,  tel +39 (0577) 27631  EMERGENCY ONLY/ITALIAN SPEAKERS ONLY

please note: there is NO switchboard + only intercom phones in the rooms; pay phones for external calls are in the common areas.

in case of emergency in Italy

here are important cell phone numbers for emergency use only:

James Dart +39 333 430 5645

Peter Lang +39 348 458 4740

NB. calling within Italy, drop ‘39’; from Europe add ‘0’; from US add ‘011’.

28 06 2010

a number of you have asked about flight info. the airline has not yet issued our official itineraries but here is the departure info for thursday 8 july. note that we are departing from JFK:

  • 08 JUL 10  DEP 11.30P JFK  TERMINAL 1 AIR FRANCE  FLT 09

NOTE you must check in not less than TWO (2) HOURS prior to departure!


17 05 2010

IMPORTANT!  if you have applied, but not yet received, your passport PLEASE email your FULL NAME as it will appear on your passport and your BIRTH DATE to IMMEDIATELY.  we cannot issue your airline ticket until you submit this information!

REMINDER! scan your passport NOW!

11 05 2010

IMPORTANT! please scan the photo page of your passport and email to samanthea jones by NOON  WEDNESDAY THURSDAY 13 MAY 2010.  we cannot issue your airline ticket until you submit your passport photo page!

REMINDER! scan your passport

6 05 2010

IMPORTANT! please scan the photo page of your passport and email to samanthea jones by NOON WEDNESDAY THURSDAY 13 MAY 2010.  we cannot issue your airline ticket until you submit your passport photo page!

sienastudio 2010 preliminary schedule announced revised

4 05 2010

the following preliminary schedule has been set for the sienastudio 2010. please watch for the full schedule to be published soon:

  • 25 may 10 newark session begins
  • 30 june 10 newark session ends
  • 08 july 10 DEPART new york/JFK
  • 09 july 10 ARRIVE roma/FCO via paris/CDG
  • 25 july 10 ARRIVE siena
  • 23 aug 10 DEPART roma/FCO arrive new york/JFK via paris 23 aug 10

if you have questions, PLEASE post a comment here!

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