Assignment 3 – Campus nolli town

3 09 2010

NAME: Orange Iguanas
PROJECT:  Nolli town project
ASSIGNMENT: Nolli Section
GROUP MEMEBERS: RJ Wells, Neil Shan, Joann Lui, Shawntel Young


NEWARK10 Nolli Town | Dazed & Confused

2 09 2010

GROUP NAME: Dazed & Confused
GROUP PROJECT: newark 10 Nolli Plans
GROUP MEMBERS: Moe Elsayed, Tim Madrid, Edwin Arbito, David Florez
ASSIGNMENT:  Rutger Quad

Existing Conditions

Proposed Plan

Newark10 Nolli Town | Courtyard Conquistadors

2 09 2010

Group Name: Courtyard Conquistadors
Group Project: Nolli Town
Group Members: Brad Kern and Chris Tarantino
Assigned Portion of Newark Nolli: NJIT Nolli Plan

Campus Project: Existing Nolli Plan

Campus Project: Proposed Nolli Plan

NEWARK10 Nolli Town | OMG!

2 09 2010

Group Name: OMG: oh my Green
Group Project: Nolli Town Project
Group Members: Ian Siegel, Caio Moretti, Adam Rapciewicz, Adam Lasota

With our focus on NJIT, specifically the grass lawns of “The Green” and the surrounding campus fabric, we focused our views strongly on the Nolli Plan and the relationships that were uncovered under the campus layers.  Throughout studying and completing multiple iterations of the Nolli plan in both existing and our intervention terms, relationships were constantly being found.  Below is the existing campus Nolli plan and further down is the updated Nolli plan after we made our interventions into NJIT’s campus fabric.

For a better view, click the images for a closer look.

Existing Nolli Plan:

Proposed Nolli Plan:

NEWARK10 Nolli Town | Green Monkeys

1 09 2010

Group Name: Green Monkeys
Group Project: Nolli Town Project
Group Members: Cara Constantino, Shannon Hohlbein, Matt Holdsworth, Joe Roque


NEWARK10 Campus Project | Eberhardt’s Lawn Theory [and Nolli Plan]

7 08 2010


NEWARK10 | NOLLI TOWN post now!

6 08 2010

please post the both NOLLI plans here … first the existing conditions NOLLI followed by the NOLLI incorporating the Campus Place proposals.  please use the same category and tags as this post.  please also include your names and sections of the NOLLI you took responsibility for documenting.